The Relax stool’s seat height can be adjusted in very simple between 55 cm and 70 cm and offers therefore continous comfort and a maximum of functionality. The stool is very stable due to its base and with its four wheels it can be moved safely and simply.

Advantages at a glance

  • Continuous height adjustment for a comfortable sitting
  • Smooth-running wheels fort he necessary flexibility
  • Versatile applications for an ergonomic working

For a flexible sitting position the seat of the Relax can be tilted. The lever for the height adjustment (left) and for tilting (right) is placed underneath the seat for easy and ergonomic handling.

For more information please download the PDF brochure with all information via the button on the side.

Versatile Applications

Upholstery material and colours of applications are identical to those of the Bionic chairs.


  • Colour matching to all
  • Height adjustment 55 cm – 70 cm
  • Seat is tiltable to the front
  • Five wheels , diameter 50 mm

Technical data

Height adjustment 55 – 70 cm
Wheel diameter 5 cm
Weight 7,5 kg
Weight 120 kg