RecoLine Plus

Flexibility and comfort for patients and nursing staff in your recovery room
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The RecoLine Plus therapy chair has been developed to improve patient care after minor operations taking into consideration the needs of both patients and nursing staff, giving more flexibility and comfort in the recovery room.

Advantages at a glance

  • Four motors offer a continuous adjustment of both lying and sitting positions as well as height adjustment by an easy to operate remote control.
  • Large wheels with a diameter of 12,5 cm and foldable handles on the back segment allow safe and fast transportation of your patients.
  • A quickly rechargeable, strong battery with 24 V and 7,2 Ah capacity provides off-line operation for several days.

In case of an emergency situation the shock position can be activated by a red foot pedal. This enables the medical team to start emergency measures immediately without pressing the emergency button by hand first. The guard rails can be folded partly or totally to facilitate the entry into the chair for the patient.

For more information please download the PDF brochure with all information via the button on the side.

Versatile Applications

Numerous optional accessories are available to fit the RecoLine Plus to your facility’s individual requirements. Available are a dinner tray, additional handles on the leg segment, receptacle for infusion pole, a paper roll holder and a receptacle for the remote control.


  • Anesthesia
    • Recovery room
  • Admission
    • Emergency room
  • Surgery
    • Emergency room
  • Dermatology
    • Chemotherapy
    • Infusiontherapy
  • Intensive care unit
    • Patient mobilisation
  • Otolaryngology
    • Recovery room
  • Rheumatology
    • Acute day ward
    • Infusiontherapy


  • Four splash proof motors (IPX4)
  • One piece lying surface
  • Electrical adjustment of back, sitting and leg segment
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Tilt resistant base frame with four wheels, diameter 125 mm with directional stability
  • Guard rails
  • Central brake
  • Neck pillow
  • Foot pedal for shock position
  • Handle on backrest
  • Rechargeable battery incl. charger

Technical data

Seat segment width 60 cm
Chair width incl. guard rails 78 cm
Total length 192 – 210 cm
Total weight 106 kg
Electrical specifi cations
Protection category IPX 4
In compliance with EN 60601-1
Motors 4
Adjustment features
Back segment angle 80 – 0°
Seat segment angle 30 – 5°
Leg segment angle 50 – 0°
Height adjustment 63 – 88 cm
Safe maximum load 180 kg

Optional features


1 or 2 IV-poles can be mounted with holders directly to the base frame.

Paper roll holder

The paper roll holder offers more hygiene by covering the chair with paper.


The tray can be mounted easily and stable to the guard rails.

Holder for remote control

Fast and easy access to the remote control is offered with the holder.

Handles on leg segment

With the additional handles the chair can be moved more easily.

Manually adjustable footrest

The manually adjustable footrest offers higher sitting comfort.